DS World Headquarters

DRUMSTRONG has a new office (still at same address but new digs)!

I was away for 10 days in January working the NAMM show and interviewing extraordinary artists and industry folks to help boost our efforts (it’s what I do…)

And came home to arrows directing me to the ‘Play Room’ garage.

With the assistance of Mason, Toby, Grace, Dad, David Satterfield, Calvin, Mike and friends, Carola managed to gut the Play Room, install cork floors, remove and reinstall all shelves (and 7 years of contents) from my former space, hook up computers, AND convert my old office into a sweeeeet yoga meditation room. All at her expense.  Again, in 10 freakin days!

Hell, 24 years as a design/build contractor and it would have taken me longer (and I’d a been pullin’ in all kinds of favors to accomplish that).

The last time that space had been altered was when I converted it from a very rough one-car, roll up door, catch-all garage to the Play/Party Room for the boys when Mason was in treatment. They thoroughly enjoyed (and abused) it… veritably trashed it.


It now very comfortably accommodates our work (and a little play as you can see)!

Come visit …