¡FreeeeRangeRhythm! 14th Anniversary DRUMSTRONG 2020 MAY 16 is hosted by Misty Meadows Farm again and is FREE!


YES! We have Drums! Many cool percussion instruments (of all sizes and sounds) will be available for purchase on site or Click Here to buy now. AND, we now have our New DRUMSTRONG Tie-dyed Goatskin, Basswood Djembes and Ashikos :: U.S. made by Everyone’s Drumming!

YES! There will be professionals on hand to give free on-site drumming instruction.

:: How do I Register? ::

DRUMSTRONG  is FREE! All Donations are welcome and we do encourage per hour drumming sponsorship pledges during our non-stop rhythm extravaganza. See Fundraising.

Please remember that your efforts are donations to our worthy causes. DrumsForCures, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization.

:: How do I Fundraise? ::

Click Here to set up your Fundraising Page or support a Friend’s efforts. Here’s a Sample Letter & Pledge Sheet that you can send to all of your family, playmates, workmates, employees, and all of the good-hearted folk you can think of.

All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. DrumsForCures, Inc. producer of DRUMSTRONG™, is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity organization #20-8297035.

:: How does the Sponsorship/Per Hour drumming thing work? :: 

Register, then solicit sponsorship $ for your per hour drumming pledges. Or download this Sample Letter & Pledge Sheet. The more you raise, the greater the rewards.

Raise $500. and receive complimentary Entry + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $1,000. receive Entry and cool DRUMSTRONG Tee-shirt + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $2,500. receive Entry, Tee-shirt and a cool REMO ‘Festival’ Tubano Drum + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $5,000. and receive Entry, Tee-shirt, and a custom crafted DRUMSTRONG djembe, All Access + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $25,000. and drum with the celebrity artists (in L.A.!)

:: How do I donate to DrumsForCures? ::

TEXT your donation to 704-251-6363


Simply click HERE for PayPal or Here (and Thank You!)

:: TEAMS ::

How do I form or join a Team?


10% of all funds raised will stay in the DrumsForCures access funds account to support our community outreach programs including PPPulse, Camps, rhythm support for other cancer organizations and Family support gatherings.

:: Can I participate as a Volunteer? ::

Absolutely! We encourage charity participation and love our volunteers. Schools, youth groups, clubs, Greek Life and You can achieve a lot, get Community Service hours and do some good. A wide variety of positions are available. We offer discounted or free access to the Festival (and then some)… Contact Stacey [email protected]

:: Does everyone have to pay? ::

DRUMSTRONG is FREE! Drummers, observers, …. even many of our volunteers, staff & artists are moved to contribute. 

:: Do I have to drum for the entire event? ::

No, you don’t have to drum for hours continuously – there WILL be continuous rhythm happening, but not necessarily from any one source. You have the whole Drum Circle timeframe to play within to satisfy your personal pledge goals. We would love for any Teams to coordinate ’round the clock drummin’ so there is always Team  representation through members playing.

:: What if I don’t have a drum? ::

There are drums and percussion (and fun stuff to bang) everywhere and available to borrow. We have some pretty cool drums available for purchase. Small, fun percussion instruments and hand drums. Some of our quality artisans will have a variety of drums for $5. to $375. for sale. Or bring yours.

If you bring your own, we recommend hand percussion (consider the weather for wood & skins) – we drum rain or SHINE!

:: Does DRUMSTRONG go on rain or SHINE? ::

YEP,  (We have Big Tents!)

The Drum Circle is under a monster Tent. It provides shelter for hundreds of drummers. We’ll also have some rain protection (plastic ponchos). Hey, it’s only water! We’ve all dealt with greater challenges in our lives…

:: Will I get fed? ::

Oh Yeah! Some of the best Festival Foods on the Planet will serve your palate. Sugar Shack, Food Trucks, Pizza & Pastries!  Most Dietary Directions, Interests and ..’ivores will be satisfied.

:: OnSite Merchandise ::

There are some great items available for purchase at the events. From musical, artistic to fashionable. A percentage of proceeds from all sales benefit our efforts.

To see the list of Vendors, Click HERE.  if you want to Vend, Click HERE and contact [email protected]

:: Can I Camp at DRUMSTRONG? ::

Sorry, Not this year. It’s a 6 hour (non-stop) event and ends Saturday evening with the Closing Ceremony of the Drum Circle.

PLEASE KEEP THE SITE CLEAN. Throw away ALL trash; RECYCLE what you can. 

:: Can I bring my dog (cat, aardvark…)? :: 

We love our furry friends but they’ll need to patiently wait till you’re done drumming and return home. There are a lot of animals on the Misty Meadows Farm property and the owners require us to not bring out more. (though your aardvark could be useful eating any of those pesky fireants…)

:: Parking ::

Please respect and follow the Traffic and Parking assistants’ directives. 

Secure your vehicle as you are responsible for the security of all items.

:: How do I get to DRUMSTRONG? ::

Misty Meadows Farm :: 455 Providence Rd. S. & Ennis Rd, Weddington, NC 28217 (only 4 miles south of HWY 485 on Providence Rd.)

:: MAP ::

455 Providnce Rd S. & Ennis Rd. Weddington, NC 28173

Please be polite and patient with our traffic and parking attendants and use extreme caution when entering the property. Drive directly to our Registration Tent. You will be directed to parking and/or camping from there.

:: What if I lost something at DRUMSTRONG? ::

Once was LOST but now it’s FOUND :: The Merch Tent will securely hold onto your stuff till Saturday Evening. After that, please contact [email protected].

If you accidentally picked up somebody else’s stuff, be kind enough to bring it to the Merch Tent.

:: How does the Global thing work? :: 

WhereEVER you go, there you are.. And you can be drumming with us for a great cause. Click Here and find a DRUMSTRONG event near you .. or Create your own :: see drumSTRONG handBOOK!

:: Create your OWN DRUMSTRONG Event :: see DRUMSTRONG handBOOK

:: OnLine Merchandise ::

YES! All of our very cool DRUMSTRONG TeeShirts are available in our OnlineSHOP and at the event. Or just send us the style, your size(s), shipping (and e-mail) address, phone # [email protected]. Mail checks to: DrumsForCures 725 Providence Rd. Suite #210 Charlotte, NC 28207.

:: Yes, we are TEDx ::

:: Social Media us! ::

Drop in on the FaceBook Event Discussions and #drumstrong

DrumsForCures, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization that produces DRUMSTRONG events globally in support of local cancer initiatives.