PPPulse & CHI&E

CHI&E and PPPulse are extraordinary programs we’re developing.


CHI&E :: Cancer Health Integration & Education 

DrumsForCures is developing programs to be implemented in schools to educate young people about the importance of cancer health through preventative and early detection measures.

Encouraging the cancer conversation at middle through high school levels so that young people will know that they will maintain healthy living practices, have specific baseline check-ups at certain age intervals, know what to expect (to certain degrees) if they, or somebody close to them are diagnosed, and to better understand the physical, emotional, social and economic considerations that surviving cancer may have on them.

The course will be a curriculum subject through the schools’ Health Classes and a clear, simple CHI&E Handbook/course chart will be made available to follow and take home.

Engaging parents in the conversation brings prevention potential full-circle. Specialists will monitor the program and make screenings and counseling available. A catalog of resources will be maintained for support.

The services will include information and protocol for school administration on how best to work with students undergoing treatment and how to deal with loss of a student or school employee. A mobile unit and/or online conferencing will be accessible so schools that have experienced the loss of a student or faculty/employee can respond and avail guest speakers for appearances or discussions individually or in assemblies.

The ‘courses’ will include ::

Prevention :: Healthy practices (diet, exercise, stress management, environment, smoking, drug use, etc.).

Early Detection :: ‘Signs & Symptoms’, Self and scheduled regular exams.

Familiarization ::  FAQs (genetic propensity, life style, environment, immune system, metastases, ‘myths’, not contagious, etc.).

Protocol/Treatments :: Tests, ChemoTherapy, Radiation, Surgery, Trials, Rehab, Integrative reinforcement.

Counseling :: Living with cancer or someone dealing with cancer

Supplementation :: Financial Aid Counseling

Counseling :: Individual, Family and Group therapy. 



PPPulse :: Pediatric Percussion Programs

DrumsForCures has established PPPulse :: Pediatric Percussion Programs, bringing facilitated, interactive rhythm experiences to hospitals, clinics and camps for the children.

Drumming with young people (family and staff) creates a healthy, participatory ‘distraction’ from whatever concerns us and a place where healing takes root.

When drumming, all else is forgotten and we live and play in the moment.

It is something every body can do regardless of physical capacities or talent. Countless health benefits ensue and the relationships between patient and caregiver change forever.

Fun, uplifting grooves and beautiful memories are created.