Board of Directors

Scott Swimmer :: Co-Founder, President
Mason Swimmer :: Co-Founder and Vice President, Board Certified Music Therapist : Charlotte Music Therapy
Stacey Surratt :: Secretary Roots and Wings Music Therapy Board Certified Music Therapist, Volunteer Coordinator
Philip Hegg :: Treasurer

Dr. Russ Greenfield :: Health Resource Coordinator
Dr. Jeffrey Kneisl :: Levine Children’s Hospital Levine Cancer Institute
John R. Beck :: Principal Percussionist Winston-Salem Symphony, Professor at UNC School of the Arts & Wake Forest, established rhythm health protocols at Baptist Hospital
Dr. Mark Mogul :: Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center
Tobias Swimmer :: Co-Founder, Executive Director and Chief Advisor
Christine Stevens :: Rhythm Aid Projects Chief Outreach Advisor, Board Certified Music Therapist : UpBeat Drum Circles
Arthur Hull :: Village Music Circles
Greg Whitt :: Facilitator DrumForChange
Paul Quin :: Legal Saxon Gilmore
Jo-Ann Geffen JAG Entertainment
Jamie Oldaker (may he Rest in Peace) JamOkie
Peter & Mutsy Erskine :: Fuzzy Music
Dr. Ami Belli :: REMO Drum Co.
Tris Imboden :: Chicago the band
Don Lombardi DW Drums, Drum Channel
Ndugu Chancler (may he Rest In Peace) [email protected]
Wally Ingram
Mark Schulman
Dr. Angelo Belli :: REMO Drum Co.
John Fitzgerald :: REMO Drum Co.
Eric Davis ::  Artistic Director Hello Mr. Davis Design/Develop
Dr. Rebecca Engen :: Director Queens University Music Therapy,  Board Certified Music Therapist
Dr. Sheila Kilbane :: Health Resource Coordinator Infinite Health
Rusty L. Groves :: CPA
Dr. Susan Ashley :: Ashley Children’s Psychology Center
Jay A. Klein :: VSS Consulting
Marilyn & Harry Swimmer :: Mitey Riders
Jeff Sochko :: Logistics, Chief Photographer
David Drum :: Facilitator