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We appreciate the many wonderful folks who help us along the way and support our rhythm-driven charity efforts :: Marilyn & Harry Swimmer of Misty Meadows Farm, Carola, Toby & Mason Swimmer, Carolinas HealthCare Foundation, Sandra & Leon Levine Foundation, Howard & Julie Levine, Eric & Lori Sklut, REMO Drum Co., Bojangles, Gina F. Elam,  Jeff Sochko, Ben MacBain, Dan McDermatt, Alan Platock, the magnanimous Larry Sprinkle, Molly Grantham, Keith Larson, John Hancock, Illumination Dynamics, Eye Dialogue, Jack Mack McCollum, Carolina Golf Cars, Guitar Center CharlotteMusician’s FriendWindStream, Grace, Mollie & Tom Lotrecchiano (and family), David & Lisa Drum, Kennon Knight, The Hicks Family, Philip & Gabe Sprinkle, Hugh & Jane McColl, EnSoul Music, Patrick Hollawell @ Paradigm Communications Group, Peter Minor @ NC Locations, Scott Gosey, Stacey Surratt, Kelli Reulerson, Ashley Armstrong, James Dicus & Kurt Shackelford, Eric Davis HelloMrDavis web design, Micah Davidson, Mane Street Horse & Pet Supply, Enlighten Yoga, Pasta & Provisions, Mountain KhakisClassic Party Rentals, Pubs2GoGregory WhittArthur HullDrum Circle Facilitators Guild, The Roasting Company, Moo&Brew, Patrick & Karen O’Leary, Exzavia Cochran, Patrick Whittakind, Alan Scheckterson, Elise & Christian Neilson, Stephan Stojanovic, Fritz Goforth, Rachel & Kent Dodson, TECHTAG & LABELSESystemsAE Global AudioEthics, Jeff Peters and PARTY CITY, Charlene Scharf & Any Event Decor, Inc, ADAMS SIGN Co., Jay ‘ROCK GRAPHICS’ Johnson, RELIX, WSOC, WBT, WCNC, WNCW, WKQC, Courtney Devores, Ludwig Drum Co., Infinity’s End, Loose Lucy’s, Percussive Arts Society, Sycamore Brewery, Yoga One, Drum Circle Magazine, Modern Drummer,  DRUM! Magazine, Bart Elliott’s Drummer CafeVaterProMarkD’AddarioPaisteSabianZildjianDW DrumsVic Firth, Tycoon Percussion,  GonBopsPrentice Practice PadsRELIX, Jim & Heather Harper, Gregg McCraw & MAXX Music, Conrad Harvey, and especially REMO Drum Co. who have all been massively supportive of rhythm for health programs and good friends of DRUMSTRONG.

Joe Kuhlman, Laurie and Don Koster have done wonders for the local music community. Laurie’s passion drives her to provide the greatest resources for local music through Charlotte Events Calendar (and we’re ALL about good resources). Please visit and support her efforts to keep this wonderful site going.

The Chop Shop,  Neighborhood TheatreVisuliteThe Evening Muse and The Double Door regularly opens their doors and shares their musical resources.

Special thanks to Jeff Sochko for his tireless efforts to keep things running smoothly and magnificent photo captures!

RCS and the Hudson Family have provided trash and waste services for EVERY SINGLE DRUMSTRONG Event ever held (and are great friends!).

Our Spectacular Photographers, Video and Webcast Teams donate their time and images to enhance our DRUMSTRONG World. Special Thanks to ::

Ivi Bilich, Dorne Pentes, Michael Reynolds & the crew at Wonderworld TV & Video,  Chris Austin, Jeff Cravotta, Mitchell Kearney, Jules Follett, David Y. Lee, Erik Murphy, Michael Stahlberg, John Lafferty, Janet Planet, Carlos Melendez, Greg Ainslie, Jeff Sochko, Scott Swimmer, Ken Crampton, Arthur Hull, C Anderson, George Holt, John Duffy, Myra Wilson, Cindy Canty, Terie Christmas Davis, John Kurc, Matt Fragele, Rob Goldsmith, Sari Monaco