About Us

¡! Celebrating 15 Years  DRUMSTRONG 2021 



¡Let FreeeeeDrum Ring!



Our concept is simple :: DrumsForCures produces DRUMSTRONG™ events globally raising awareness and funds in support of cancer survivorship, education, prevention and research :: through uplifting, facilitated, interactive Rhythm experiences.

A portion of funds raised help subsidize our ongoing community outreach programs and children’s, young adult’s, adult’s, family’s and staff’s activities in hospitals, camps and schools.

All ages and stages of health participate in supporting individuals and community simply by sharing their pulse.

Debilitating diseases may preclude one from participating in the more athletic activities organized to support their cause(s). We Drum! We make a joyful noise and share a groove that truly makes a sound impact on our communities.

Our world famous signature event will be another glorious  non-stop rhythm experience featuring health resources, high-quality artists and the webcast DrumCircle with global participation.

Continuing the efforts to BEAT cancer, details are being worked out to allow the local and global community an opportunity to play together and collectively raise awareness and support in real time. The world’s greatest professional Facilitators will keep the rhythm in motion, hearts pulsin & pumpin and people smilin.

Raising awareness and funds to support cancer health, education and survivorship. Laughing, Playing, Dancing and Good Intentions encouraged!


We are the planet’s longest continuous Drum•A•Thon ¡drumming to BEAT cancer!

Drum in honor or memory of someone, for your own fortification or just out the goodness of your own heart and support survivorship. All cancers :: All populations.


DrumsForCures, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization that produces DRUMSTRONG events globally in support of local cancer initiatives.