Team DRUMSTRONG + Per Hour Drumming PLEDGES

When collectively and collaboratively working with DRUMSTRONG, you are guaranteed far greater return on your ‘investment’.

Individuals, business owners and co-workers, religious institutions, Schools, Families and Neighbors can create Teams in honor of or in memory of someone and focus their ‘per hour drumming’ fundraising sponsorship efforts towards the cancer initiative of choice. It’s personal.

Forming a Team is a great way to expand your impact. Click PLEDGE_LETTER for an example of a letter and sign-up sheet to assist your individual or group TEAM.

Create ‘friendly competition’ and see which team can enlist the most members, raise the most $, drum longer or maintain team representation in the Drum Circle.

Schools can also coordinate DRUMSTRONG Team participation; through club efforts, class projects, community service initiatives, Greek Life and athletic departments.

Click Here for a Sample Letter & Pledge Sheet PLEDGE_LETTER.

One can also encourage their donors to post donations to the GoFundMe page and note your name

Check out this cool example ::

Team drumSTRONG

It’s good to win but Win/Win/Winning is better.

BEAT something bigger than your opponent and earn respect in arenas beyond the Field.

Team DocBrock engages athletic programs in charitable play.

This info will be customized for your school and sport ::

PDS Lacrosse is doing something valiantly unique to help in the fight against cancer.

Most of us have been touched by cancer. In the Fall of 2009 we lost our beloved Kristina Brockmeier to breast cancer.

PDS Varsity Lacrosse formed ‘Team DocBrock’ to help sustain important local cancer initiatives through their athletic activities.

Support our efforts by sponsoring our games and raising funds for the cancer initiative(s) of your choosing.”

The Sponsors (Families, Businesses, Teachers, Students, Clubs, etc.) pick a category and assign a value, for example :: $100. per Touchdown, $50. per 1st down, Interception, Sack, Fumble Recovery, Goal, Save, Point, Strike Out, Home Run, Ace, 3-pointer, Take-down, etc. Get creative; it’s win/win (even with a loss).

Announcements are made during the game ::

“Tonight, each Goal will be sponsored by “The Jones @ Smith  Families”, each Interception sponsored by “The Coaches” (example), etc, going towards TEAM Levine Children’s Hosp. season total goal of $10,000. to support the cancer initiative of their choice.”

At the end of game, the tally will be announced, and at the end of the season, Media broadcasts the Team’s accomplishments. (example :: “Through the generosity of our players and families, $10,000 was donated to support children battling cancer…”).

Team drumSTRONG

Providence Day School Varsity Lacrosse Team DocBrock @ Levine Children’s Hospital June 2, 2010 presenting the $25,000 matched funds check (= $50K donation!) . YAY!

The players get excited about the opportunity to play with this added incentive and opportunity to be actively supporting a good local charity.

The Athletic Team picks the beneficiary. (Levine Children’s Hospital and Levine Cancer Center funds will be matched when donated through DrumsForCures).

This can be applied to all sports at any school.


10% of all funds raised will stay in the DrumsForCures access funds account to support our community outreach programs including PPPulse, Camps, rhythm support for other cancer organizations and Family support gatherings.