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In Honor Of and In Memory Of ::

Dann Skutt

 In Memory of Paul Frederick from Scott Swimmer, Eddie Tudori, Dom Famularo,  Billy Amendola, Cathy Calato, Rene Adolph, Richard Mangicaro, Pete Lockett, Andy Doerschuk, Michael Santucci, Eric Holland, Todd Sucherman, Jason Bittner, Joe Bergamini, Terry Regan, Hope Dorant, Chris Hart, Peter Marunzak, Vic Salazar, Mike Farriss, Traci Collins, Dave Stanoch, John DeChristopher, Sally Zildjian Teague, Sam Dinkins III, Brad Marsh, Juels Thomas, John Teague, Lewy Stix, Leddie Garcia, Peter Alan Hussey, Nick Kapka, Ralph Oleski

In Memory of Stephen Yadre. Life long drummer who just lost his battle with cancer at age 58 from Rosemary Seplowe

In Memory of Dann Skutt, co-creator of EggShaker World from Carolyn Zorn.

In Memory of our favorite drummer, Paul Bergstrom. Taken too early...we miss his beat! Renne Kellerhuis

In Honor of Neil Gould from Marci Elmond 

In Honor of Neil Gould from Lauri Rawls

In Memory of Paul Frederick from Stuart Aldoroty

In Memory of John Blackwell, Jr. from Scott Swimmer

In Honor of Michelle Mastenbrook and John Freeman from Elizabeth Enloe

In Honor of Mia Cunningham from Scott, Carola, Mason & Toby

In Honor of Tris Imboden from Scott, Carola, Mason & Toby

In Memory of Thomas H. Brannagan and Howard & Mary Breece from Gina Brannagan

In Honor of Leeza Grigoryeva from Yelena Swain

In Memory of Joan Ellis from Chad Cunningham

In Memory of Dr. SriSaila Basavappa from :: Sue Hicks, The Basavappa Family, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Friends.

In Honor of Alix von Cramon from Lyndall Hare

In Memory of Gregory Blaine from Liz

In Honor of the late Dr. Richard Goldberg from Howard Newhouse

In Memory of Sylvia Cuyler (my mother) and In Honor of Kassi Luttrell (my niece) from Wanda Harward

In Memory of John Yard Anderson from Alice Letteney

In Memory of Neil Siegenthaler and In Honor of R D Jordan from Jude Nevans Cleaver

In Memory of Alan Kahaney from Ellen Roberts

In Memory of Martin Mohl from Rob Zollman

In Memory of Charles and Suzanne Zollman from Rob Zollman

In Memory of Josh Sack from Rob Zollman

In Memory of Valeria Elise Tillman from Scott Tillman

In Memory of Lisa Ray from Ariel

Tony Kattan and IT Practices Inc.

Joan Guilford

The Swimmer Family

Carole and Berklee


Lawrence Associates, P.A.

Chris and Greg Simms

Miriam Diamond

The Peaceful Dragon

Janice Boyce

Thomas & Carolyn Samson

David Bennett

Tina Clarke

James Poag III

Donald Carson

The Reigel Family

Kaitlyn Hurst

Sam Campbell

Philp Walton and Infinity Partners

Mia Cunningham

Linda Simms

Brad Smith

Cyndi Hinesley

Jane Hixson

Becky Giblin

Joan & Robert Zimmerman

Marilyn & Harry Swimmer

G.G. Coan

Jim Coan

Lydia Guilot

Marc Smilow

Chris Gamon

Maura Buckley

Bill, Vivi & Lily Bechtler-Smith

Julie Hixson-Wallace

Sue Hixson

Ellen Myers

Cicley Sullivan

Scott, Dick and Bonnie Downen

Your Swimmer Family DRUMSTRONG cheering squad


Toby, Mason, Carola & Scott with love and admiration. Keep the rhythm in motion bro!


Jane Corn, a fan

Beth Andersen

James Higgins

Jacueline Chesley

Lisa Moats

The Mueller Family

Sheri Neher

Lauren Space


Nancy & Bill Becker

Terri & Larry Richman

Julie Blythe

Chad Cunningham

Dot and Glenn Munson

Charlotte Keziah

Marilyn & Harry Swimmer

DRUMSTRONG and Swan Percussion


Queens University Music Therapy Students

SouthEastern Region Music Therapy

Joshua Streckert