¡Come Out & Play!

DRUMSTRONG 2017 :: MAY 20 :: 11th Anniversary is FREEEE!

:: Main Event  is held at Free Range Brewing Company ::

    Global Drum Circle! We will drum 'non-stop' for 12 hours. You don't have to drum the whole time. Request 'per-hour drumming' sponsorship pledges and drum as long as you can. Sample Letter & Pledge Sheet. Come in and out of the circle whenever so moved. First, commit! You're doing a great thing.drumSTRONG Then, if inclined, Join or Form a Team. You're doing an even Greater thing! Teams can raise more awareness and $. Next :: talk to EVERYBODY you know (aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, teachers, bosses, employees, friends, not-so-friends ..) about supporting you in your efforts by sponsoring your hourly drumming (example: $20 per hour X 5 hours X 10 folks = $1,000 for our causes!) and get YOUR SPONSORS to register and talk to even more people. Sample Letter & Pledge Sheet You want to drum for the love of it and to be a part of this greatness. What you get :: blisters (possibly), sore arms & hands (likely), and ultimately a healthy, elevated spirit. You are participating in your present and future health and the health of the community. You may even win a prize for playing the longest, raising the most funds or bringing the most participants. We have some beautiful percussion instruments donated as prizes. The annual "trophy drum"; a unique handmade djembe will be awarded to the most dedicated participant to keep and play for the year. Nobody has to drum the entire duration. Come and go as you please. Pace yourself, drum your hours and have fun.

:: Individual $25 ::

Raise $100. and receive free admission + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $1,000. receive Entry and cool DRUMSTRONG Tee-shirt + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $3,000. receive Entry, Tee-shirt and a cool REMO 'Festival' Tubano Drum + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $5,000 and receive Entry, Tee-shirt, and a custom crafted DRUMSTRONG djembe + cool DRUMSTRONG swag. Raise $25,000. and drum with the celebrity artists (in L.A.!

:: Teams ::

You can also join or form a TEAM, amplify your fundraising efforts and get discounted registration rates and prizes. Teams of up to 19 Members will receive discounted admission of $20., Teams of 20 or more, $10. per Member. Raise $100. and qualify for free admission. Any Team raising $5,000. or more will receive rewards and special recognition. Contact Stacey @ about registering teams. There are prizes for :: *the largest team, *raising the most $, *most team members drumming the longest, •most instruments made from recycled materials! Please remember that by registrating you are helping us to support worthy causes. Register :: then solicit sponsorship $ for your 'per hour drumming' pledges. The more you raise, the greater the rewards. Raise $, support survivorship and lift spirits.

:: Volunteer ::

DrumsForCures is still an All-Volunteer not-for-profit organization. We all do our part (and then some!) We most definitely want your help. Please see the Volunteer page and write to to let her know you're interested in being part of this phenomenal jam.

Download the Sample Letter & Pledge Sheet :: Make it personal.


:: GLOBAL Participants ::

See DS GLOBAL   DrumsForCures,Inc., producer of DRUMSTRONG™, is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity organization. #20-8297035.