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DS '13 Hannah Ford Welton :: Prince

RHYTHM is a sneaky thing :: it's been known to find its way across borders, influence cultures and infiltrate our psyche ... Some of the planet's greatest players are using this 'instrument of mass percussion' to do great good. Mickey Hartimage001 Mickey Hart  supporting DRUMSTRONG © Jay Blakesberg stagefrom audience Railroad Earth @DS'14 If you’re a performing artist and want center stage time, please contact Scott at


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It is with heavy heart that I post this memory of Remo Belli 1927-2016.
Remo was a positive, forward-thinking gentleman that had his thumb on the pulse of drummer's needs, created beautiful, practical, sustainable percussion solutions, and had a passion to benefit all aspects of community through rhythm.
He was the first industry giant to embrace DRUMSTRONG.
Within 28 seconds of meeting him over 10 years ago, he gave me sound advice. As he pointed to my DRUMSTRONG T-shirt which had our first logo on the front that read BEAT IT! BEAT IT! BEATing cancer! he said, "You can't say that. You can't claim that you are beating cancer. You are making beautiful efforts towards that end."
I went home and changed the logo on all of our promo (which stands today,10 yrs later) to DRUMSTRONG 'drumming to BEAT cancer'.
To Ami, Angelo and the entire REMO family, I share your loss and pray that his memory soon brings warm smiles to all .. just as his ingenious innovations and magnanimous intentions will do for all time...
Drumstrong2011-1471 John Kadlecik (Dark Star Orchestra, Further)   _MG_7130 Mickey Hart   IMG_3471 Tris Imboden (Kenny Loggins, Al Jarreau, Chicago) IMG_3276aIMG_5411IMG_3239a Hannah Ford Welton (Prince)  
Steve Campbell, Franklin "Prince" Vanderbilt, Lindsey Rust   by :: Barry Schwartz   DrumStrong 2011 Weddington, NC 11-05-22 1718 Jeff Coffin (Mutet, Dave Matthews Band)   SLSRickLCamLA_0 Scott, Rick Latham, Vernon Lewis, Cameron Tummel   by :: Barry Schwartz   Drumstrong2011-1065 Felix Pastorius   drumSTRONGThe Brubeck Brothers, Vinx, Jim Donovan, Jim Brock & Friends   IMGP9302 Jim Donovan (Rusted Root, Sun Warriors)   Drumstrong2011-1439 Kris Meyers (Umphrey's McGee)   DrumStrong 2011 Weddington, NC 11-05-22 1707 Jeff Sipe (Col. Bruce Hampton, Aquarian Rescue Unit, Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, everybody!)   drumSTRONG May 2011 2011-05-20 at 18-13-30 Gerry Brown  (Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross) & Alphonse Mouzon (Weather Report)