My dear friends and DRUMSTRONG supporters,

Hoping this note finds you healthy and happy.

As we are very aware of the impact that COVID-19 is taking on all of us and of course can not possibly project the future impact, we will be postponing our DRUMSTRONG 2020 main event in Charlotte until October 10, 2020 (1010 :: 2020). We will not gather here in Charlotte on May 16 as planned.
If you are in a region that is safe and comfortable gathering to drum, please let me know and we will support your event.
We know that the current conditions are, and will continue to adversely impact all of your (and our) good work and income for some time.
If we can help you and/or your community, financially and spiritually via our DS programs, let’s discuss how we can possibly engage and benefit.
We most certainly intend to lend support wherever and whenever we can.
And let’s discuss how we can maybe get even a little more creative and support for our populations :: Zoom/FB Live rhythm activities via hospital room monitors and/or assembly areas? Create program videos that will allow us to facilitate at arm’s length? Wide open to ideas for DRUMSTRONG activities and general day-to-day interactive rhythm activities.
Click on link to subscribe to the quarterly DS Newsletter if you are not already on it, where we will keep folk up-to-date on what’s up.  https://us1.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=51d6e99d22749f04835bb68fd&id=21f4fad8a6.
And Please stay safe and know you’re loved,